Where Are the Religious Freedoms Idiots Now?

Anyone with a noggin knows why we don’t have prayer in school.  If you need a refresher, click here.  It is wrong to force someone of a different religion to participate one’s own religious practice…at least that’s the argument that led to banning prayer in schools (still an ongoing battle), and the removal of religious items on public land. 

But where were those voices when the president is trying to force Catholic Americans to pay for contraceptives in the Obamacare law should they choose a private plan?  Read here from CNS News.

It says very plainly in the 1st Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”  Naturally the US Conference of Catholic Bishops had objections, but where are the objections from the ACLU?  Why are the hippies still at Wall Street and not on the White House front lawn?

Liberals love to shove useless epithets like, “I wish people would work together,” or, “don’t be so close-minded,” down America’s throat.  Yet here the president is plainly not working with Catholic Americans and being very close-minded towards their beliefs. 

I’m not catholic and have not intention of becoming one, but I stand up for their freedom to practice their religion…even if the person elected to uphold and defend their right do so won’t.

Not letting someone practice their religious doctrine that in no way inhibits the freedoms of another is tyranny.  And our idiot in chief is hooting and hollering about.


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Pikey Mike has a dim view of today's government. He is on the watch for wolves posing as shepherds...regardless if they have a D or R in front of their name. View all posts by pikeymike

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