Debate Shenanigans

Before watching last night’s debate the only preconceived notion I had was that I’m about burned out on them.  I usually watch them on YouTube in order to skip commercials and fast forward through non-answers.  But last night turned in to a low point for the Republican presidential primary.

Long story short: desperation is a stinky cologne.

The only people who came out smelling like a rose (no one really wins these things) were Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich.  They constantly kept their cool (which says a lot for Dr. Paul) and didn’t de-evolve in to Lord of the Flies type bickering.  I’m not supporting Newt Gringrich by any means, but these situations prove time and again why he was such an effective Speaker of the House.  Unfortunately, he’s the reason why you have to balance words with actions when choosing a candidate.

The other two RINO’s almost went to fisticuffs.  The night’s low point was reached when Romney and Perry kept speaking over each other with increasingly ugly language.  I don’t even recall the topic or the question asked (which are often two different things in a presidential debate) but I know that after the smoke cleared both of those guys would have been better served with broken noses and a round of beers…well, it would have been more cathartic that way.  In the end, their numbers are slipping and they know what every American already knows: whoever wins the Republican primary will be the next president.  Their falling numbers are reminding them that their vaunted wish is diminishing daily and there’s nothing they can do about it.

And of course the campaign’s little brother and sister kept trying to get noticed.  Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum tried endlessly to prove to America that yes, they do indeed exist.  Unlike Bachman, however, Santorum actually made some three-dimensional arguments.  The more Bachman spoke the more I wish she’d crafted her arguments with more depth than a dinner plate.  It’s plain to me that her campaign is being run by lightweights.

Added together, this whole event put a black eye on the Republican primary.  Until now, it’s been almost light-hearted.  This should most likely bring some reality to the race.  But I can’t help but think it was a low point and made all the candidates look bad, even if that guilt is only by association.


Note: Updated at 1726 to reflect grammatical corrections.


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