More Debate Shenanigans

It’s been too long since I’ve posted.  I was in the middle of moving (hopefully my last) and I thought the next post would be about owning my first home.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had any mind altering thoughts on the matter.  Now I’m sitting in my new home with the wife and turned on the “CNN National Security Debate.”

It’s 8:42 now and Wolf Blitzer isn’t doing a bad job as the moderator…he isn’t doing a good one either.  Mitt Romney just effectively shut him up after he asked for the twelfth time for one of the candidates to acquiesce on immigration amnesty.  But about an hour ago I had a shocking reality check.

Why is CNN labeling this debate the “National Security” debate?  Two reasons: Ron Paul and Herman Cain.  These guys have shown unmistakable popularity amongs Americans who have been polled.  However, Ron Paul’s international policies aren’t exactly popular and Herman Cain flubbed a national policy question recently.

My guess (because I have no evidence whatsoever) is that the kingmakers at CNN are trying to get a two for one deal here.  First, it’s no secret that the debates are great for ratings.  Americans have been viewing in droves to learn about the next president (because it ain’t gonna be Obama).  If you doubt this, then check your TV guide and you’ll find this was scheduled during O’Reilly who continues to whoop CNN tail when it comes to viewership.  In the end, I guess the network’s love for Obama ends when the dollars run out.

Second, by focusing on National Security CNN is effectively exposing the Achilles heel of the two men that the CNN kingmakers hope to expunge from serious competition.  Ron Paul has often been described as an isolationist.  Check out his website if you want more info.  Aside from brushing off the over-inflated sexual misconduct scandal, Herman Cain doesn’t appear to have the experience that the rest of the candidates do.  Unfortunately for CNN, Herman Cain pulled off what any person of intelligence could accomplish…he brushed up on current world events and gave a lot of good answers.

My fellow Americans, you don’t have to pick between Romney and Perry.  Hell, I wouldn’t mind at all if you started a Kinky Friedman write in campaign.  Just know that if the news networks are cramming something down your throat, you’re not obliged to swallow it.


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