Tim Allen and the Chevy Volt

I’m not sure about you, but I hardly missed an episode of Home Improvement when it was still on.  I would even divulge when it came on syndication.  Tim Allen played a father of three and hosted a fake TV show called “Tool Time” as Tim “the Toolman” Taylor.  

One of the mainstays of the show through many seasons was a hotrod he was building from the ground up.  I loved watching each season to see the hotrod evolve into an amazing machine.  Tim would often grunt at the Detroit muscle he was building and I would sometimes grunt along with him.

Fast forward 20 years or so.  Tim’s doing another comedy (if it hasn’t been canceled) which is basically another spin off of Home Improvement except he has three girls instead of boys (very creative).  I was eager to watch the first episode, but immediately felt duped at the lack or originality.  I haven’t watched it since.  

Then the ads for the Chevy Volt came out.  Yes, this Chevy Volt.  Knowing that the government spent millions of tax payer money so the UAW bosses got a fatter paycheck was tough to swallow.  Then the president forced Chevy to come out with the monstrosity of the Volt.  It angers me to the point that the one time I saw a Volt on the road I had to stop myself from flipping the driver the bird.  Now I just feel sorry for the owner.

All this was bad enough until I saw the ad for the Volt.  I immediately scoffed at the pandering to typical Americans.  Then I recognized that gravely voice.  Mr. American Muscle was doing a voiceover for a hybrid?

Way to sell out Tim.  Should you never grunt again because of this indiscretion.  


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Pikey Mike has a dim view of today's government. He is on the watch for wolves posing as shepherds...regardless if they have a D or R in front of their name. View all posts by pikeymike

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