I am not a gypsy, traveler, or other type of vagabond, nor am I affiliated with any such society.  Pikey Mike is a reference to my call sign from my first deployment.  I’m a Navy guy…so maybe I am somewhat a gypsy after all.  This page, in the words of Alan Adale from Disney’s animated Robin Hood, “tells it how it is, how it should be, or whatever.”  I’ll probably emphasize on the whatever.

Hippie Disclaimer:  Just forgo this page now.  The best you can hope for by reading my material is becoming irritable and constipated, thereby ruining that plate of hash brownies you no doubt consumed during your labor union mandated break.  I usually won’t have the time to give you the verbal shellacking you deserve, but I do reserve the right to post your hate mail along with email address.  Cheers!


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