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Only politico could make Al Gore seem like Mother Teresa in his political quest to cram the whole global warming lie down our throats.  Although, it’s very interesting that Perry did work with him. 

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Someone Remind Al Gore He’s No Longer Relevent

So Nobel Prize winner and ex-almost president Al Gore had a hissy fit because he just caught on to the fact no one gives a crap about him the environment.

WARNING: Foul language and trite diatribes ahead.  Wah.

Please note he uses the hippie playbook to the T.  First he feigns indignation at the mere possibility that he’s wrong.  The he goes on to attack scientists and anyone else who objects to his tripe with repetition of the word “Bull sh!t” (a real brain buster by the way).  He follows up with the lie that some one who pulls in a hefty salary (by doing what, exactly?) is some how a victim, or worse they are a minority group facing discrimination.  This of course leads up to his conclusion that only an elite few care and can “fix” this world. 

Only hippies and hollywood idiots consider “supporting causes” as a fashionable thing.  Think back and remember the last time you saw some box-office knucklehead pushing PETA or free iPods for the homeless.  The problem with Gore is that he’s seeing too many dollar signs to let go of this one and start a movement collecting whale poop for displaced sea lions.  Hey Al, do us all a favor and fade in to the history books…the ones no one will bother reading.

Dr. Phil called.  He wants his phony Southern accent back.