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Joe Biden, the Tool

Someone, for the love of mike, staple this walking embarrassment to some playground equipment.  At least then, over time, people will just assume he’s some nut. 

The CNS News article recounting his recent visit to China was more of an embarrassment than George H.W Bush throwing up on national TV during his visit to Japan.  I’m really not certain which quote is worse, the moment he sang praises to a genocidal murdering accomplice to Mao,

He then hailed Sichuan’s late graduate Zhu De as “one of the most illustrious figures and a founding father of the republic.”

or his consent to the egregious policy of forced abortions,

Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family.

The hard simple truth is that the man who is only one breath away from being the leader of our nation condones a full-fledged eugenics program.  The only question is, if he think’s gender selection and forced abortions are so dandy, what’s to stop him from implementing a similar program in the US? 

Of course, in this country and the illusion of freedom we live under, forced abortions would not be the norm.  “Coerced” would probably be a more fitting term.  I can imagine another bureaucracy formed in which would-be parents would stand in line for two hours, fill out a mountain of paperwork, and then pay a $150 “processing fee”.  After a 6-10 week period, they would receive notice on whether or not the government granted them “permission” to procreate.  Married couples who have children “outside the law” could face fines upwards of $5,000.  The only exception would be the 16 and pregnant types.  MTV would no doubt lobby for this special interest group in order to keep ratings high.

Is the above paragraph so hard to imagine?  If you think so, please consider what our government has done in the last 10 years.  Time and again elected officials reward stupidity, laziness, and ineptitude through entitlement programs.  Why would a eugenics agency be so different in the government we Americans elected?  If this doesn’t scare you, I humbly submit that you start reading more news and get your head out of the sand.

…and while you’re at it, aggressively apply an ample portion of rigging tape over the VP’s pie hole.