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The President’s Next Push for Re-election: Communism!

Sorry for the late post.  I’m currently house hunting and haven’t had the time necessary to devote to this site.  After reading some more disturbing news about the president’s jobs bill I had to shoot my mouth off at his horrible plan.  Enjoy.


So the idiot in chief who acted like a child begging for a lollypop during his address to congress has finally laid out some framework for his soon to be forgotten jobs bill.  Please note, dear reader, that the president has yet to release the actual bill.  The soul-less Jay Carney is only offering tidbits of information so far, no doubt in hopes that Americans will, by and large, be as stupid as we were when the Obama-care bill was passed.

The Wall Street Journal has quoted White House knuckle heads as saying the president’s latest failure will now raise taxes for incomes of over $200K.  Does anyone remember Obama’s answer to Rick Warren’s question of what he considers rich?  Reminder.

The writing is on the wall.  This president wants a proletariat and an oligarchy.  He will continue to chip away at the middle class until the majority of Americans are “begging” for the government to help.

John Q. Adams said it best,”Government can’t grant freedom, it can only take it away.”


Replacing God with Government

Over the 4th weekend I was reading my father in law’s copy of Glenn Beck’s BROKE.  It’s a pretty hefty read and I don’t think I even scratched the surface, let alone finish the entire book.  But I did read one small paragraph that summed up the very essence of modern liberal thought.

  In this paragraph, Glenn Beck effectively unravels the scary and arrogant mind set at the heart of liberals, hippies, and democrats.  

     He [Herbert Croly] wanted to join forces with the ideologists of Christ so they could “plan and effect a redeeming transformation” of society…By piggybacking on the language of religion, the progressives gave themselves moral superiority over anyone who disagreed.  Taxes became a metaphorical form of “tithing” to the government, which would then launch missions to evangelize and spread the Social Gospel.

  The problem is that not all “charitable endeavors” of the government resemble the Gospel of Jesus, let alone any religious moral high ground.  Our “taxed tithes” don’t always go to the needy, malnourished, or college bound.  Some tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood, some goes to stem cell research, and some goes to the coffers of so-called educational elite institutions (who love those high interest loans).  Is this who you have in mind when you give to charity?  If you ask me, it’s a long shot from the Red Cross, Wounded Warriors, or your local food shelter.

  Now liberals replacing God with government are using these “tithes” (which are way over 10% by the way) for the murder of infants.  That right there should tell you what kind of god the liberals’ government will become.  And if our tax dollars fund the murder of infants, will that make us accomplices to such an atrocity?  Or are we merely members of this new frightening religion?

  Let me stop my hippie friends from taking everything out of context and shouting that I want a theocracy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Unfortunately for us, it might be too late.  A theocracy has slowly taken shape that worships the state as a deity.  Are bureaucrats the elders and deacons?  Is the president the high priest?

  Pretty scary stuff, but I didn’t come up with this hair-brained notion.  I’m just continuing the line of logic stated above.  Thank your liberal heroes, keep the government away from YOUR hard earned money, and give freely to those charities that tug at your heart strings.