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Test of Character

I’m anxious to see what the response from the White House will be once these idiot bandits are collared.  Read here

I’m not sure what’s more fitting: that burglars stole directly from the president or that their heist included his precious teleprompters.  And yes, I did mean “a response from the White House” in the above statement because there’s no way Barry could utter a sentence without his manicured speech scrolling before his eyes. 

Regardless, my money is on the president blaming society, not the perpetrators, for this crime.  In the end he’ll most likely pin a medal on the thieves and blame the nearest A) Tea Party-er, B) Fortune 500 CEO, or C) Republican Presidential hopeful.


Where Are the Religious Freedoms Idiots Now?

Anyone with a noggin knows why we don’t have prayer in school.  If you need a refresher, click here.  It is wrong to force someone of a different religion to participate one’s own religious practice…at least that’s the argument that led to banning prayer in schools (still an ongoing battle), and the removal of religious items on public land. 

But where were those voices when the president is trying to force Catholic Americans to pay for contraceptives in the Obamacare law should they choose a private plan?  Read here from CNS News.

It says very plainly in the 1st Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”  Naturally the US Conference of Catholic Bishops had objections, but where are the objections from the ACLU?  Why are the hippies still at Wall Street and not on the White House front lawn?

Liberals love to shove useless epithets like, “I wish people would work together,” or, “don’t be so close-minded,” down America’s throat.  Yet here the president is plainly not working with Catholic Americans and being very close-minded towards their beliefs. 

I’m not catholic and have not intention of becoming one, but I stand up for their freedom to practice their religion…even if the person elected to uphold and defend their right do so won’t.

Not letting someone practice their religious doctrine that in no way inhibits the freedoms of another is tyranny.  And our idiot in chief is hooting and hollering about.

The President’s Next Push for Re-election: Communism!

Sorry for the late post.  I’m currently house hunting and haven’t had the time necessary to devote to this site.  After reading some more disturbing news about the president’s jobs bill I had to shoot my mouth off at his horrible plan.  Enjoy.


So the idiot in chief who acted like a child begging for a lollypop during his address to congress has finally laid out some framework for his soon to be forgotten jobs bill.  Please note, dear reader, that the president has yet to release the actual bill.  The soul-less Jay Carney is only offering tidbits of information so far, no doubt in hopes that Americans will, by and large, be as stupid as we were when the Obama-care bill was passed.

The Wall Street Journal has quoted White House knuckle heads as saying the president’s latest failure will now raise taxes for incomes of over $200K.  Does anyone remember Obama’s answer to Rick Warren’s question of what he considers rich?  Reminder.

The writing is on the wall.  This president wants a proletariat and an oligarchy.  He will continue to chip away at the middle class until the majority of Americans are “begging” for the government to help.

John Q. Adams said it best,”Government can’t grant freedom, it can only take it away.”

Democrats Need Votes Too

So apparently the president picks and chooses what laws he wants to enforce.  I say, “apparently” like this is new information, but in reality he’s been doing this since he took office.  Just consider all his presidential fatwas

Then consider how the Department of Justice flagrantly broke the law during Operation Gun Runner/Fast and Furious.  Is it me, or are you perplexed about how silent the hippies are about this one, yet they couldn’t yell loud enough over the “illegal” wire taps of non-citizen terrorist suspects?

Now the president, no doubt feeling the heat from his last approval rating (is it below Bush’s yet?), and he needs voters.  So he breaks the law by picking and choosing who and when to deport.  Now one could assume that I’m referring to immigrant citizens who would sympathize with illegal immigrant deportation as those extra votes.  But I’m actually pointing the fact that ACORN-like groups will be out pounding the pavement registering non-citizens to actually vote. 

You know what, I’m done with the snarky sarcasm.  This is nothing but 100 proof horse hockey and my bullsh!t meter is pegged out in the red zone.  The president is intentionally breaking the law.  And for what?  More votes?  So he can stay in power and become and even WORSE leader?  Nixon was impeached for less.

“I’m saying when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”-R.M. Nixon.  I’m guessing that is the only history lesson BHO ever took to heart.

Ladies and gents, we no longer live under rule of law.  Instead we are ruled by a tyrant, a bureaucratic dictator.  God bless us, indeed.

Psychological Puberty

How about that?  The president grew up a bit, and just after his 50th birthday, not a day too late.  I think he said the first honest(-ish) thing in his career while pandering to rustic types on his first technical campaign trip to the midwest.  From the Washington Examiner:

“We had reversed the recession, avoided a depression, gotten the economy moving again,” Obama told a crowd in Decorah, Iowa.  “But over the last six months we’ve had a run of bad luck.”  Obama listed three events overseas — the Arab Spring uprisings, the tsunami in Japan, and the European debt crises — which set the economy back.

Most of us realize by age two, that hey, you know what?  The world ain’t all naps and Cheerios.  Life can throw some down right nasty curveballs and not even care.  In fact, I’d say life is like a honey badger.  Family deaths, natural disasters, horrible crimes: all are an unfortunate part of existence in a fallen world. 

Now there are also some others who, by horrible parenting or lack thereof, don’t realize how tough life can be until their teen years.  I’d throw all the knuckleheads from MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” into this pool.  Here’s a tip to all you youngin’s out there, if you don’t have sex then you can’t have a baby.  Figure it out.

But here’s our commander-in-chief, who finally took an honest look at life and agreed it doesn’t always pan out like some socialist utopia.  This is a step in the right direction for the big guy, but I think its a little too late.  His legacy would have been better served if he went all the way and said, “I had the best intentions, but I’m just a sh!thead.  I thought I could force everyone to play nice and the world would open up it’s arms, suspend natural weather patterns, quell a race of people who have been angry and disgruntled since the time of Moses, and make everyone love me.”

Sadly, if you re-read the quote up top you’ll notice that he still believes he reversed the economic downturn.  I’m sure there are one or two people out there who would gladly disagree.  But hey, baby steps for liberals.  The rest of us still have a country to provide for.

Sacrifice Is Now a Political Tool

Our president is like Wal-Mart, he’s got an everyday new low.  19 families from the men who perished in Afghanistan from the chinook crash did not want photographers present when their loved ones landed at Dover.  The wishes of the bereaved obviously do not apply to a president straggling in poll numbers, desperate to do anything boost approval.  Hopefully people wont be blind to this.

What’s more, Hollywood is starting to pitch in so the president has a fighting chance on election day.  Katherine Bigelow of “Hurt Locker” fame has been tapped to put together the movie depicting the bin Laden operation.  Check out the release date

My friends, there are no coincidences in life.  Sony did not pick some arbitrary date to release this film.  The intended result is to give the president one last boost before election day.  The funny thing is, the president had little to nothing to do with planning this mission, let alone carrying it out.  But Hollywood will not let pesky facts like that stand in the way of lauding praises to their chosen candidate.  If you doubt the largess of this guy’s ego, type in “” and see where you’re redirected. 

Aside from Hollywood’s political gamesmanship is their, and the president’s, abhorred practice of utilizing the sacrifice of so many servicemen for personal gain.  The president posed (that’s right, POSED) for the photograph at Dover against the wishes of most families receiving the remains of their fallen loved ones.  I’m betting he did so in the mere hopes he could “appear” more presidential or leader-like.  Now Katherine Bigelow will once again cash in on backs of those in uniform.  I say cash in because that’s exactly what will happen.  The year “Hurt Locker” won best picture the EOD Memorial Auction received a few autographed DVD’s as donations.  THAT”S IT.  There were local businessmen, active, and retired servicemen who, on an individual basis, gave more than that.  But Hollywood and it’s millions of dollars could only spare a few autographed copies of the DVD. 

If I had to choose Obama’s next campaign slogan, I would base it off his established track record:


Nothing To Say? UPDATE.

For the first time, the president is somewhat silent.  His Saturday address was taped and he ducked out to Camp David with his tail between his legs. 

Read here.

I guess it’s hard for him to speak when he’s still trying to figure out the political winds.  His people went for the obvious and blamed the Tea Party.  It must be hard to develop pre-fabricated sound bites when you don’t stand for anything…well, anything but re-election.


Now read here.

If it seems like Axelrod and Kerry sound alike, it’s because they share the same brain.  I’m betting the reason their heads are so funny lookin’ is to accommodate a flip top lid in order to ease the exchange process.