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Rick Perry Should Not Be President

I know some of my fellow Aggies out there will not appreciate this, but I’ve held my breath way too long.  Disclaimer: I’ve yet to watch the full length of last night’s debate because I always wait for the YouTube version.  But when I saw the story on the Weekly Standard this morning I was in disbelief.  In it, they provide excerpts from Governor Perry’s response to a question dealing with granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.  Perry’s justification was,

 If you say that we should not educate children who come into our state for no other reason than that they’ve been brought their through no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart.

I’m sorry Mr. Governor, when did government become a charity?  Because here is the reality, by endorsing and enforcing this program, Governor Perry is choosing illegal immigrants over that of fellow countrymen.  You can call that jingoistic, xenophobic, or whatever.  But when you, as an elected leader in government make the conscious decision to provide for citizens of another country over that of your fellow countrymen then, in my eyes, you forfeit all rights and responsibilities to be a leader.  Folks in Ojinaga and Juarez do not pay state taxes, nor did they vote for Governor Perry.  However, the governor from the great State of Texas believes individuals illegally living in his own state deserve a leg up over those from Columbus, GA and Tulsa, OK. 

Now this statute he holds so dear was not entirely unknown to me.  Even though I’m station outside my home of record I do keep up with Texas politics from time to time.  And I wont lie, my Aggie heart-strings were (and still are) tugged at knowing we share the same Alma Mater.  Maybe I was hoping he would recant in the same manner about the HPV vaccines, but he didn’t.  And the Texas A&M connection is not enough to disavow my convictions on what I believe is right.


Democrats Need Votes Too

So apparently the president picks and chooses what laws he wants to enforce.  I say, “apparently” like this is new information, but in reality he’s been doing this since he took office.  Just consider all his presidential fatwas

Then consider how the Department of Justice flagrantly broke the law during Operation Gun Runner/Fast and Furious.  Is it me, or are you perplexed about how silent the hippies are about this one, yet they couldn’t yell loud enough over the “illegal” wire taps of non-citizen terrorist suspects?

Now the president, no doubt feeling the heat from his last approval rating (is it below Bush’s yet?), and he needs voters.  So he breaks the law by picking and choosing who and when to deport.  Now one could assume that I’m referring to immigrant citizens who would sympathize with illegal immigrant deportation as those extra votes.  But I’m actually pointing the fact that ACORN-like groups will be out pounding the pavement registering non-citizens to actually vote. 

You know what, I’m done with the snarky sarcasm.  This is nothing but 100 proof horse hockey and my bullsh!t meter is pegged out in the red zone.  The president is intentionally breaking the law.  And for what?  More votes?  So he can stay in power and become and even WORSE leader?  Nixon was impeached for less.

“I’m saying when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”-R.M. Nixon.  I’m guessing that is the only history lesson BHO ever took to heart.

Ladies and gents, we no longer live under rule of law.  Instead we are ruled by a tyrant, a bureaucratic dictator.  God bless us, indeed.

Sacrifice Is Now a Political Tool

Our president is like Wal-Mart, he’s got an everyday new low.  19 families from the men who perished in Afghanistan from the chinook crash did not want photographers present when their loved ones landed at Dover.  The wishes of the bereaved obviously do not apply to a president straggling in poll numbers, desperate to do anything boost approval.  Hopefully people wont be blind to this.

What’s more, Hollywood is starting to pitch in so the president has a fighting chance on election day.  Katherine Bigelow of “Hurt Locker” fame has been tapped to put together the movie depicting the bin Laden operation.  Check out the release date

My friends, there are no coincidences in life.  Sony did not pick some arbitrary date to release this film.  The intended result is to give the president one last boost before election day.  The funny thing is, the president had little to nothing to do with planning this mission, let alone carrying it out.  But Hollywood will not let pesky facts like that stand in the way of lauding praises to their chosen candidate.  If you doubt the largess of this guy’s ego, type in “” and see where you’re redirected. 

Aside from Hollywood’s political gamesmanship is their, and the president’s, abhorred practice of utilizing the sacrifice of so many servicemen for personal gain.  The president posed (that’s right, POSED) for the photograph at Dover against the wishes of most families receiving the remains of their fallen loved ones.  I’m betting he did so in the mere hopes he could “appear” more presidential or leader-like.  Now Katherine Bigelow will once again cash in on backs of those in uniform.  I say cash in because that’s exactly what will happen.  The year “Hurt Locker” won best picture the EOD Memorial Auction received a few autographed DVD’s as donations.  THAT”S IT.  There were local businessmen, active, and retired servicemen who, on an individual basis, gave more than that.  But Hollywood and it’s millions of dollars could only spare a few autographed copies of the DVD. 

If I had to choose Obama’s next campaign slogan, I would base it off his established track record:


It’s Easy To Go After Those Who Already Sacrifice The Most

Al Franken is a trite comedian who ranks somewhere around Joe Piscapoe for SNL Alumni.  In his latest threat to Americans concerning the debt ceiling, he lists the military among those not receiving pay checks.

All I want to know is why the military is automatically considered the first on the chopping block every time Washington can’t get their sh!t in one sock? 

Will all the hippies working for the EPA get paid on time?  Most likely.

What about the knuckleheads at the Department of Education?  Of course.

What about money given to the University of Wyoming to specifically study the Wyoming Toad?  Probably.

But men and women who have signed a form, taken an oath, sacrificed many rights laid out in the Bill of Rights, and then agree to give up their life for their country are the first to have one more thing pulled away from them.  Do servicemen and women appear as an easy target to our politicians?  I’d hate to think so.  Because here’s the straight poop: hardly any of the jack wagons called senator, congressman, secretary, or president could keep up with those wearing 60 pound ruck sacks on top of 30 pound body armour.  A politician’s personal wealth may increase 4 fold just by being elected, but I submit their character and integrity becomes so bereft it is immeasurable.

By threatening to take the paycheck (a well-earned one I might add) takes more than just money away from those in uniform.  It’s a message from Washington saying, “You are worthless.”

And from some one who does more before 9:00 am than they do all day, well, it’s some what disgusting.


If this guy sucks any harder DC would disappear up it’s own butt hole.

Let me know if you come up with the final count of single sentence contradictions.  I lost count when I started vomiting half way through.

Detroit Wins Again! and by win I mean the American car industry proves how bad they suck.

Weak sauce.

So who didn’t see this coming?  I’m not sure what’s worse: Chrysler sucking more than a Dyson vacuum cleaner or the fact that the US Government willing sold part of an American business to a foreign one. 

Let’s back track here.  Our craptastic president bails out Chrysler, pats himself on the back, then congratulates the labor unions for “proving” his decision right, then waits until the company takes a nose dive to sell off all shares to Fiat.  If BHO made such a great decision, then why is he dumping Chrysler now?I wonder how much did he pay for his Ivy League education, because from my viewpoint he should demand a refund.

Whatever the case, I get closer to believing our government isn’t so much obtuse as they are actively destroying this nation.

Originally, the government committed a total of $12.5 billion to the struggling automaker, Old Chrysler and Chrysler Group. Of those funds, $11.2 billion has been returned through principal repayments, interest and cancelled commitments, the Treasury said. Chrysler paid back $5.1 billion in loans in May.  Even though that means $1.3 billion will not be recovered, the Treasury called it a “major accomplishment.”

The only accomplishment the Treasury Department could call “major” should be that of keeping Tim Geithner out of jail.  Get bent you crooks.

Open Letter to “That Guy” at the Gym

First off you know who you are and everyone thinks you’re an idiot.

If you’re lifting weights, then lift weights. But don’t butt in to my cross fit routine when it’s OBVIOUS I’m against the clock and you have the sudden “urge” to do some half-ass pull ups. Pull ups, incidentally, are all the way down and all the way up. No one cares that you can do 40 repetitions of some spastic gyration on a bar. Furthermore, no one wants to know what your workout routine is so shut up about it. If we did care, we’d be buying your book, which you haven’t written because your results are horrible. There’s a difference between “show muscles” and “go muscles”. If you don’t know the difference, I hear there’s a new season of Jersey Shore. Hurry while you can still get a permanent slot in dork history.

No one took a vow of silence once they entered the gym, but if you must make noises during your workout, please make every effort to suppress the more effeminate ones. Hey, you got the newest iPOD stolen from Steve Jobs’ night stand? No one cares. Keep the main below 200db will ya? People are listening to Sports Center. I’m not one of them, but I have the common courtesy to let them enjoy that garbage. So you’re having a conversation with a friend of yours, great, I’m not the Gestapo. But calm the F down and quit yelling like you’re in the middle of a GNR concert.

You’re cool enough to wear a $60 designer t-shirt while you sweat? Get bent.

Yeah, you can work in, but if you follow me to another station I’m gonna fart in the middle of your rep.

Oh, so that’s how I can improve my form? Cram it.

In short, NO ONE cares. Save the show for someone who does. Disneyland is always hiring, but then again, so is Fridays.